The Florida Center for Professional Management
GOVERNMENT: Federal, State and
Local Governments
BUSINESS: Small Business to
Fortune 500 Corporations
NON-PROFITS: Associations, Organizations
and Professional Societies

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Florida's CPM Program Adds 381 New Graduates (08/18/19)

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CPM Course Descriptions

Level 1: Management of Individual Performance

This level is an introduction to contemporary management, emphasizing leadership style, personal style, and managing individuals. Topics: The Leadership Transformation, Leadership, Delegation, Motivation, Performance Feedback, Goal-Setting, Coaching and Counseling.

Level 2: Management of Group Performance

This level expands the scope to groups and teams, with an emphasis on developing productive work groups and teams. Topics: What People Bring To Groups, Working In Groups, Conflict in Groups, False Consensus, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making, Team Leadership, and Process Improvement Teams.

Level 3: Management of Organizational Performance

The level focuses on improving productivity and quality through measurement, analysis, the Sterling process, communication, information technology and project management. Topics: Productivity and Quality in Public Management, Analysis for Productivity and Quality, Organizational Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Information Technology, the Sterling Challenge, and Project Management.

Level 4: Managing Organizational Effectiveness

Participants explore complex organizational issues such as power, ethics, organizational change, and the fit between individual values and organizational climate. Topics: Gaining and Extending Power in the Organization, Ethics and the Responsible use of Power, Integrating the Individual and the Organization, and Organizational Change.

Level 5: Social Change And Its Impact On Public Management

This level focuses on social change and how public managers must adapt to the challenges of the 21st Century. Topics: Social Change and its Impact on Public Management, Strategic Planning and Budgeting, Organizational Design, and Organizational Dynamics.

Level 6: A Systems Focus

This is an introduction to the systems approach to management. Students examine two applications of systems theory- behavior modification and organizational development. Topics: The Systems Approach, Systems Analysis and Modeling, and Systems Applications: Behavior Modification and Organizational Development.

Level 7: Policy Perspectives

This is a seminar that examines how public organizations make policy and the skills of reasoned argument and critique. Participants develop their own policy arguments and rebuttals.

Level 8: Contemporary Issues In Public Management

This is the CPM graduation level, held in the summer. Its is run like a conference, with presenters,­ break-out sessions, and team-building activities.­ The final day includes the graduation ceremony.

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