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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for a CPM class?

Click on Schedule & Registration to see a list of upcoming classes. Locate the class you want, click on the registration icon and a log-on screen will appear.­ If you have already taken a CPM class, log on with your email address and password (last 4 digits of your SS#).­ Click the "Submit Registration" bar.­ That's it!

If you have not taken a CPM class before, then your email is not on file, so click on the Pre-Registration Form

For CPM classes offered through community colleges, you will be redirected to their website to register.­

Cost and Payment Options

How much do ­CPM classes cost?­

It depends. ­CPM is offered in different ways: contract classes, open enrollment classes, "co-op classes," and through community colleges.­

In a contract class, FCPM charges a flat fee for 25 people from the same agency to go through the program; this is the most economical way to send a group of people through CPM.­

An open enrollment class has individuals from different agencies; they are charged a per person fee (higher than in contract or co-op classes).­

A co-op class is where one agency "hosts" a class, then offers those 25 seats to other agencies at the contract class price.­

Finally, classes offered by community colleges may vary in price, based on the particular college.­

For more information about pricing options, contact Ben Green at

How do I pay for CPM classes?­

FCPM accepts checks, credit cards, P-cards, or Purchase Orders.­ Typically, FCPM invoices agencies or individual students after each class.­ However, you can also pre-pay.­

Checks should be made out to "FCPM."­ To pay by credit card, P-card, or purchase orders, contact Kelley Van Valkenburgh.­ Her phone number is 850-644-0161. Her email is

Required Course Materials

What books are required and when do I need them?

There are two required books. You will need the first for Level 1 and the second for Level 2. The books can be ordered from local bookstores or online.­ The two books are:

Level 1 Assignment

Encouraging the Heart: A Leader's Guide to Rewarding & Recognizing Others, by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers, ISBN-10: 978-0-7879-6463-4. Be sure to purchase the book itself, NOT the workbook.­ ­ (Note: Some agencies prefer to use "The Leadership Challenge" for Level 1, so check with your agency).­


Level 2 Assignment

­­­­ The Team Handbook, 3rd Edition by Peter R. Scholtes, Brian L. Joiner, & Barbara Streibel.­ ISBN 0-9622264-0-8­ Can be ordered from this website. The latest edition is the 3rd, but any edition will be fine. :­You can buy it new from this website, but you can find much cheaper used editions online.­­


Do I have to buy the two books for the required readings?

Usually not.­Some agencies buy the books for their CPM participants.­Others prefer to­purchase copies and check them out to CPM students, as needed. Check with your agency. FCPM does NOT provide the books.


How long does it take to complete the program?

Most participants complete the program in 18-24 months, although some take longer. Typically, agencies schedule Levels 1-4 the first year and Levels 5-8 the second.­ One variable is that Level 8-- our graduation conference-- is always held in the summer.

Do I have to take the courses sequentially?

Yes, pretty much.­ FCPM recommends strongly that the levels be taken in order, as the curriculum builds upon the previous class. And we do NOT allow participants to start at Level 3, for instance, without the previous classes.­ However, in very rare cases we have allowed someone to start with Level 2, then make-up Level 1.­ And some open enrollment participants (not in a contract or co-op class) have to "jump around" a bit to get the classes they need.

How many days of a level am I allowed to miss?

Although FCPM expects you to attend all class sessions, we realize that some absences are unavoidable. Therefore, you are allowed to miss a half day of any four-day level without having to make up the class. If you miss a full day, or more, you have to make up the day(s). The National CPM Consortium requires participants to put in 300 contact hours, so CPM instructors take attendance each morning and afternoon. Participants who need to make up missed days can attend other CPM classes, provided space is available. Contact our office for more information.­­

Will I (or my agency) be charged if I miss an entire CPM level?

Yes, if you miss the complete level.­ However, if you attend at least one full day of a contract class that your agency has paid for, then you can attend make-up classes without paying an additional fee.

Can I attend another agency's program?

It depends.­ Contracting agencies are given 25 spaces for each class, but there is sometimes room for a few outside students.­ Contact Ben Green to find out:­

Academic Credits

Can I receive college credit for attending CPM?

Yes. After completing Levels 1-4 (and all the homework), you are eligible for 3 academic credits from FSU's Askew School of Public Administration. After completing Levels 5-8, you are eligible for an additional 3 credits. That is a total of six credits for the entire CPM program. Both undergraduate and graduate credit are available; however, to receive graduate credit you must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.

Important Note: These credits will be published on an official FSU transcript. However, credits for CPM are not letter grades, so they show up as a "Satisfactory" on the FSU transcript.­ If you are planning to transfer these credits to another institution, you should confirm with that institution that it will accept "Satisfactory" grades.

Is there a time limit for getting these credits?­­

Yes. You need to apply for the credits within a year after you are eligible.­­If there is any chance you might want these credits in the future, go ahead and apply as soon as you qualify.­ Specifically, to earn the three credits for Levels 1-4, you must register during the academic year in which you completed Level 4.­ The same is true for the­ three hours for Levels 5-8: you must register during the next academic year in which you graduated.­ The bottom line: you have approximately a year to apply for the credits.

How much does it cost for these credits?

You must pay a processing fee for each of the three hours of credit.­ The fee is $350 for the ­three hours for Levels 1-4, and an additional $350 for the three hours for Levels 5-8. That makes a total of $700 for 6 hours of academic credit.

What do I need to do to register for these academic credits?

Click here to download a detailed Memo on Academic Credit. Complete the required forms and follow the instructions listed in that memo. After completing those forms, if you have other questions please contact:­ Sheila Bagley, 850-644-7551­ or email her at